Learn to Sing

Learn To Sing Class Series

The voice, being our first instrument, has the greatest physical, emotional and spiritual connection to our body. Throughout the ages, people have used song both to express themselves to their community and to connect with the sacred. And yet, usually, we sing without first establishing the crucial connection among breath, body, and voice. Or perhaps we are afraid to sing because we fear that we can not sing.

Using vocal exercises and techniques as well as incorporating stretches and other physical warm-ups and techniques, this class series focuses on the development of the singing voice, confidence, and joy in singing in a relaxed atmosphere.

Although taught as a continuing education community class series, each class contains a comprehensive syllabus and covers many varied techniques. Also, a Supplemental Practice CD is provided to every student at the beginning of the class session. The CD contains all of the exercises that are taught in class so that students may practice the techniques they have learned. Countless classes attempt to teach singing and yet students often feel uncertain after they leave the class because they lack a concrete method of continuing practice and vocal development. Students do not need to play an instrument in order to work on the vocal techniques they learn each week because the supplemental practice CD allows for continued practice and vocal development.

There are four eight-week sessions in the “Learn To Sing” class series. Each subsequent class builds on the techniques already learned and introduces new and more advanced concepts and techniques. The first two classes in the series focus on developing each individual’s singing voice (using basic singing technique), listening skills, blend, harmony singing, vocal facility, proper breathing, vocal warm-up exercises, resonance, vocal quality, singing vowels and consonants, posture, and intonation. The second two classes in the series introduce more challenging material and the students begin to sing solos and develop their individual voices even further. Finally, these classes are designed and intended to help people find joy in singing.

Beginner Level 1

Beginner Level 2

Intermediate Level 1